Automatic Chicken Cutting Machine

QKJ300-333 conveyor belt cutting machine is a new type of cutting equipment in the meat processing and catering equipment market. It introduces foreign advanced technology, modular design, advanced product mechanical structure design concepts, CNC machine tool processing excellence, and special materials for overall processing. After advanced heat treatment process, it is sharp and durable. The material pressing mechanism adopts a new structure of multiple sets of upper pressing and feeding belts to adaptively compress the conveyed materials, which solves the limitation of the rules of feeding materials. According to the irregular height of the material, the pressing height can be automatically adjusted in time to realize the cutting once. forming. The equipment can process micro-frozen products as well as bone-in products with a wide range of uses. The equipment is suitable for meat processing and catering markets. It can be used in conjunction with an assembly line or used as a stand-alone machine. It occupies a small space, reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency, and significantly reduces labor costs. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to learn and easy to use, and has low requirements on the technical level of workers.

Technical Parameter




Working Effection

Machine Features

* Broad applicability
Extra wide blade, high stroke, suitable for chopping large bone-in meat products (up to 290mm wide and 45mm high), extra wide blade and height specifications can be customised according to customer requirements. Chopping of pork chops, lamb chops, chicken, duck, goose, fish, bone-in or boneless frozen (-5°C) meat and bone products.
*Adjustable chopping thickness
This equipment can chop the width of 15-35mm, the length of 25-35mm block products (conventional for 30X30 square), special size need to customize the tool.
*Easy cleaning
The feeding device of this machine can be quickly disassembled for cleaning, and the cleaned meat and bone fragments and sewage are discharged from the machine through the drainage pipe and the discharge port.
* Safety and environmental protection
The moving part of the equipment is equipped with a stainless steel shield and an automatic safety control switch. When the shield is opened, the equipment will automatically stop running to ensure the personal safety of the operator during operation.
No harmful gases and electromagnetic radiation are generated during the operation of the machine, and the noise value during normal operation is lower than the national environmental protection noise value, and no noise pollution will be produced.

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