Flake Ice Maker

Our company provides small commercial flake ice machines, medium industrial flake ice machines and large industrial flake ice machines, tube ice machines.

Small Flake Ice Machine

The small flake ice machine has an output of 0.35/0.6/1/2/2.5/3 tons/24 hours. It is an efficient and reliable ice making equipment designed for commercial use. The ice machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, cold drink shops and other places, and can meet the demand for ice in these commercial places.

Medium-sized Flake Ice Machine

The medium-sized industrial flake ice machine has an output of 5/8/10 tons/24 hours. It adopts advanced ice-making technology and can make a large amount of ice cubes in a short time. It adopts an efficient refrigeration system with low energy consumption and noise, which can save energy and maintain a quiet working environment. This is very important for the economic benefits of the factory and the work efficiency of employees. Secondly, the design and structure of our medium-sized industrial flake ice machine are very reasonable, easy to operate and maintain. It has an intelligent control system that can monitor and adjust the temperature and pressure during the ice-making process to ensure the stable quality of the ice cubes. At the same time, it is also equipped with an automatic cleaning function, which can regularly clean the internal condenser and evaporator to keep the equipment in good working condition.

The daily output of large industrial flake ice machines is 15/20/25/30/50 tons. Through efficient compressors and condensers, the moisture in the air can be quickly frozen to form ice cubes. The equipment adopts an advanced automatic control system, which can automatically monitor the operating status of the refrigeration unit and the production process of ice cubes to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the high quality of ice cubes.
The refrigeration system is efficient, durable and energy-saving. The heat exchange effect of the refrigerant flow is good, the ice cubes freeze quickly, and multiple ice cubes can be produced at the same time, which improves the production efficiency of the equipment. The equipment also uses efficient insulation materials, which can effectively reduce the melting of ice cubes and extend the service life of ice cubes.

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