Bowl Cutter

The bowl cutter uses the cutting action of the high-speed rotation of the chopper to chop the meat and auxiliary materials into meat filling or mashed meat in a short time. It can also stir the meat, auxiliary materials and water together into a uniform emulsion.

Technical Parameter

FunctionMeat cutting
Capacity (L)80125
Power (KW)13.840
No.s of Chopping Blade66
Rotation speed of chopping blade (rpm)1800/4150/rpm300-4200rpm
Rotation speed of the pot (rpm)7r/min-16r/min2-16
Overall Dimension L*W*H (mm)1350x650x1900mm2150*1750*1300

Working Effection

Machine Features

  • 1This machine is made of stainless steel, compact, beautiful and easy to clean.
  • The main components are processed by a machining center to ensure processing accuracy.
  • The blade is sharp and durable, running smoothly at high speed, and has a good effect of material mixing and emulsification.
  • Imported bearings are selected; the motor complies with European standards and has strong anti-overload capability.
  • The rotation speed reaches 4500 rpm, which can greatly improve the emulsification effect, make the product output rate higher and the effect better.
  • The gap between the tip of the knife and the cutting pot is less than 2mm. The whole machine is ingeniously designed, well manufactured, with good dynamic balance, low noise and low vibration.
  • It can also be used for crushing and processing of fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Pictures of Main Parts

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Work Video

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