Nipple Drinking line

Nipple Drinking line consists of Front system, pressure adjustment, balance pipe ,pvc drink pipe, nipple drinker ,dripping cup.Lifting Winch, suspension accessories.


  • Reusable filter, easy to maintain and clean
The unique control panel with filter effectively filters impurities in the water. It has a media interface and a DIN32 flushing pipe to help clean the system.
  • Pipe material
Light-resistant water pipes prevent algae growth inside.
  • Nipple drinker
Patented double-sealed nipple drinker keeps bedding dry and hygienic.
  • Cup
The single-arm cup provides easy access to nipples and more water space.
  • Regulator
The regulator has a clear view and is equipped with a colored float for monitoring water pressure to meet the needs of birds in different periods.
  • End kit
The end kit features a flexible clear tube that displays the water level and has a spring around it to avoid damage caused by incorrect handling when lifting the drinking water system. There is an exhaust device on the top, which can automatically evacuate the internal air to avoid flow obstruction.End kit makes cleaning water lines easy.
  • Pipe connectors
Different types of square water pipe joints with high strength to meet different requirements.
  • Three or two water inlets
A three-inlet or two-inlet assembly separates waterfowl and drinking water to better protect the water regulator.
  • Winch
The height of the drinking water line can be adjusted by the winch system, which can be controlled by manual winch or automatic winch for convenient operation.

Machine Features

  • Square water supply pipe (22mm×22mm).
  • Light-resistant water pipes are algae-proof.
  • The pacifier is made of stainless steel body and plastic shell.
  • Galvanized support pipe.
  • Easy to push and assemble.
  • The foldable hanger can firmly fix the water pipe.

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