Continuous Meat Slicer

Technical Parameter

Inlet height940mm
Exit height700mm
Maximum over meat height70mm
Conveyor width300mm
Conveyor belt speed2.35m/min
Processing size3-40mm
Production capacity800Kg/H
Voltage380V three-phase 50Hz

Pictures of Main Parts

Machine Features

The machine is made of high-strength SUS304 stainless steel material, the surface of the whole body sandblasting treatment
2.The machine can be disassembled unit structure, high strength cage body compact structure
3.The conveyor belt is made of PVC material, and the rail type flat belt can prevent deflection and side slip, which is safe, reliable and durable
4.Built-in discharge conveyor belt, continuous discharge
5.Easy to disassemble the conveyor belt without any tools, easy to clean and achieve quick disassembly
6.Easy to disassemble the conveyor belt by special wrench switch, no need any tools, easy to clean, realize quick disassembly and assembly
7.The machine blade is made of stainless steel with special quenching process
8.Sharp and durable, real food machinery special blades
9.The machine adopts double-edged cutting, the knife edge with tight and tight
10.Independent knife group, the upper comb handle structure free disassembly, cleaning and maintenance is convenient and quick
11.The machine does not damage the food fiber tissue, smooth and fresh cutting surface
12.Make the meat products of uniform thickness and high quality as always
13.Completely different from the existing market by squeezing, pulling, twisting and other meat cutting machine equipment
14.With universal brake casters for easy moving machine fixed
15.This machine can realize shredding of boneless meat and elastic food such as squash. Slicing and dicing
16.This machine is suitable for small, medium and large scale catering or meat processing companies .

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