Vacuum Food Mixer

Vacuum mixers mix the meat with other additives in absence of air , this can improve the retention of the color ,smell and taste ,reduce the time of next processing and ensure longer shelf life .

Machine Features

  • Adopt best304 stainless steel for machine body which is durable and easy for cleaning.
  • Elf-supported body made of high quality stainless steel , reliable and robust ,meet high hygienic standard .
  • Excellent vacuum performance for optimal mixing results .vacuum can be Preset as required .
  • Pecial paddle structure achieves an efficient and energetic mixing without any damage to the products, all the stuffs are pushed through the Spiral boost devices which ensure uniform mixing results Lector-mechanical or PLC control system can be selected .PLC control is ia touch screen .Total mixing time ,interval time and various mixing type can be preset.

Technical Parameter

Capacity of the materrial box  (kg/ time)100-150500
Power (kw)4.957
Mix speed (rpm)4040
Dimension (mm)1400×900×14001400*1250*1400
Weight (kg)400800

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