Vacuum Frying Machine

Technical Parameter

Material frame size600×460800×5201000×5201200×520
Number of frames2222
working vacuum-0.092~-0.1-0.092~-0.1-0.092~-0.1-0.092~-0.1
Operating temperature80-12080-12080-12080-120
Loading materials (take carrot slices as an example)65kg90kg180kg260kg
heating methodSteam
Vacuum oil tank (volume m³/kg of oil)0.92/7501.5/11001.9/14002.4/1800
Total installed power17kw17kw19kw33kw
Vacuum pump power9kw9kw15kw19kw
Covered area4800×3200×3200mm4800×3500×3200mm5200×3500×3300mm5200×3500×3500mm

Main Applications

① Fruits: jackfruit, durian, banana, apple, date, kiwi, persimmon, strawberry, grape, peach, pear, etc.

 ②Blue vegetables: okra, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkins, onions, etc.

 ③Nuts: peanuts, cashews, green beans, etc.

 ④Aquatic products, livestock and poultry meat, etc.

Machine Features

①The integrated design of heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, and oil filtration is completed continuously under vacuum. The product has low oil content and is in a vacuum state. Food processing under such relatively anoxic conditions can reduce the risk of It can even reduce the harm caused by oxidation (such as fatty rancidity, enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration, etc.). In a negative pressure state, with oil as a heat transfer medium, the moisture inside the food (free water and partially bound water) will It evaporates rapidly and ejects, causing the tissue to form a loose and porous structure.

②Automatically control temperature and pressure (vacuum degree) without overheating or over pressure to ensure product quality and safe production。

③Deoiling adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is suitable for all products with low and high oil content.

④The oil-water separation system can cool and separate evaporated water and oil, reducing water circulation pollution, improving water utilization and reducing oil loss.

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